Current state of Amrun Taury

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Current state of Amrun Taury

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:02 pm

To all,

It has been six months of hard fighting since our last post on this bill, with no end in sight. Currently, we hold tight to the rebuilt ruins close to the new docks of Amrun Taury and the elven tower. Since, our last influx of adventurers we have maintained total control of the Heren Duin River. The ruins between the docks and the elven gate is fought over daily. The forces that control the gate seem to be composed of giants, lizardmen, ogres, bog trolls, worgs, goblins, and undead version of those mentioned. We haven't seen much of the other factions with the exception of raids.

Right now, we are currently looking for anyone that has information on the elven gate or the broken seal. If you have information please post or send it to me (


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