Letter in Moon Ward

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Letter in Moon Ward

Post  E'nick Greycloak on Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:39 am

To all Lunari,

I write this letter with heavy heart and rage. It seems our grand illusion has failed. The houses of the usurpers, know who we are and are now after all of us, especially my daughter and I. It seems someone and or many others in this land have betrayed us to our enemies. Let it be know if I find out who you are you will never come back from the graveyard, you have MY WORD.

Since Wren has left us and hasn't been seen, I could only guess she saw this coming. So, as acting Steward of the Lunari people I here by strip all noble titles given to all Lunari, as you have failed your people. It seems to me those who had been given responsibility to protect us value gold, power, and personal gain more then service to their own. It sicken me to say such things that those that have my blood in their veins after excepting my offer to join our people, would turn their back on their kin. Those that had held noble titles will be sent letters delivered to you by my infernal servant as you will answer in front of me and your people for your actions.

All Lunari that seek sanctuary I ask them to find my ship "The Coin Spinner" and those of Count Tel'Darrin, Viceroy of the Duchy of Willowdark. We will set sail for a land to call our own and leave this place, till one day when my daughter the royal princess and I can deliver a blow such as this to our enemies.

To all citizen of the Republic of Naringal,

I publicly state this what I have said in the chambers in the House of Lords. I will be replacing my troops in Sanctum with mercenaries I will hire for one year to this day. Then your protectorate will be your responsibility.

Second I will be receding my chair in the house of lord and you may do with it as you wish. All those of Lunari blood that held a chair I ask you to do the same.

Third I will be liquidating many assists in The Republic of Naringal and those businesses that I have created will stay as I will need that coin to help save my people. Stormberg will stay as it always has been under the control of Avalon's Crown and it's Masters.

Fourth I thank those that have given us refuge here and those I still call friend and allies. If it wasn't for you we would not have survived as a people this long. Also, if you wish to give to our cause any donations of money, supplies, and etc... will be welcomed and REMEMBERED.

Fifth all slaves controlled by all Lunari will be freed as we may travel though lands that don't understand our ways.

Sixth the only allies of the people I'm letting leave with us, is Brithil Blackmane's pack as he has been my friend and has carried me across Avalon. So thus I offer his people protection as they have grown in number with us.

Lastly do not seek me out I will seek you out, those I made promises to I will find you. I keep my word, but know this your loyalty and friendship will be tested. My infernal emissary Natasha (enickgreycloak@yahoo.com) will take letters to and from for me.

E'nick Greycloak

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Re: Letter in Moon Ward

Post  Vaylen on Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:45 pm

Good E'Nick,  

You have been a mentor, a leader, a teacher, and a friend.   I have witnessed the birth of the Lunari and hold lore first hand of the evil that lies in the hearts of the foul Drae that threaten your people.  Be it assured that whosoever has betrayed the Lunari Nation, that we will strive to capture whatever vile scoundrel for your retribution.  It saddens me to see the great Lunari people leave The Republic as you have been and always will be shield brothers and sisters to me.  Let it be known that the Lunari that follow you will always find allies in the lands of Naringal.   Of assistance there is very little that I may offer, however, I authorize good E'Nick Greycloak to withdrawal whatever sum he wishes from my account with the Underhaven Bank for the needs of the Lunari people as well as my remaining surplus of mundane arms and armor.  I also offer a free session with the men and women of Le Baton Juteux to any and all Lunari before they depart with you.  However, most importantly know that I will always be available for you and your people should you e'er have need of me.  

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