Its time to act!

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Its time to act!

Post  E'nick Greycloak on Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:41 pm

In light of current events with the fall of our ally the Duchy of Naringal. I have decided to declare myself Baron of Stormberg. This of course will not conflict with Lord Ebonwyrm’s work here as once he returns from Willowdark I believe he deserves a title of higher regard n Stormberg and in The Republic.


If anyone wishes to speak to me on matters such as the influx of refugees from the fallen Duchy or on what is being done to protect the Republic they can find me in the Lords Ward at the House of Lords or at my estate this evening ( Also, anyone interesting in taking donations or aiding in anyway our war effort can contact me as well.


Fear not fair people of Stormberg, The Republic might be at war with the Ymirkelds, but our enemy has yet to take a inch of our land from us.


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