Glory for The Republic

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Glory for The Republic

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:38 pm

To all adventurers.

I’m Captain Eric von Beckelheimer of the First Company of Naringal, loyal to The Republic. I wish you all greatings at our encampments here in the walls of Flussburg. We will be seeing a lot of action tomorrow night and our combined forces will need to work together.

Lord Darrian Shaw will be the commanding officer for the Evendarrian forces and Lt. Terik Locklain will be the leading officer for The Republics forces. I have been granted command as the leading Allied Commander for all forces during this campaign. Since most of our forces will be needed to remove the biggest threats to our attack. Those adventures and nobility that have come to our aid I will be giving you the task of clearing out what you can of the ruins and the areas around Amrun Taury.

Once our forces engage the King of Amrun Taury’s forces we will allow those adventurers and nobility to enter the ruins. Now this does not mean the area will be cleared by any means. I suggest being on the look out for ambushes and traps while entering the ruins.

I will have Terik Locklain put his new unit of rangers in charge of helping those that have come to our aid. The commanding officer of this unit is Corp. Keegan Blackbriar and Arm Corp. M.J. Alexander. I will have them debrief you all after the major fighting is over.

I do want to thank those who have sent forces to help in our attack. Stewardess Ryu Moon Dragon I thank you and your Baron for sending forces. Lord Tel’Daarn Ebonwyrm I wish to thank you for sending your private forces to aid us. Dante Laramin I wish to thank you for sending Avalon’s Crown’s private forces as well. King Stoneforge I wish to thank you for taking on the extra burden of watching over the lands of the Republic.

So, enjoy tonight and live like it will be your last because tomorrow your spirit will be tested as well as your skill! To The REPUBLIC!!!!

Captain Eric von Beckelheimer
First Company of Naringal
Order of the Silver Lion

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