Playtests for 2013

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Playtests for 2013

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:15 pm

To all,

A person on the National forum wanted to know why we where using playtests for 2013 and if they would be policy at our new chapter (NERO SOH). The playtests for 2013 were being beta tested and to be submitted at the end of the year to NERO International. We tried this out last year letting our players beta test things before we submitted our ideas and got our player’s feed back and their own ideas. We submitted a number of them with our top ones being the official ones as we where told you could only submit one playtest per chapter so we wanted to make our two submissions the best out of our two chapters at the time (NERO SWV & NERO KY). Once we pass on our two we came to find out we where the only chapters (NERO SWV & NERO KY) to submit any as per Michael Jones conversation with Dan Comstock. So we decided to send him everything we worked on last year even if it wasn't what they where looking for. He told Michael that there was one he really liked and would work on adding it since it was totally a roleplay addition to first aid with bandages to lower the count by half.

I’m surprised many didn’t know our beta testing since about Oct-Nov of last year Michael sent a list to Tell it like it is for a more public feedback to go with our submission to National.

Anyways all policies will travel to our new chapter just like they did with NERO KY (Page system, Memorization/Cast on the Fly, Magical Item limit, etc…) The playtests we are beta testing for 2013 will be submitted to National now as per National’s request since some have been reviewed before and tweaked since last year. This way they can take a look at them for 2014, because of all the new policies and playtests being currently submitted for this year.

If anyone else has any other questions about our chapters they can contact us here at

Thanks and as always we appreciate you business

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