Guests of the Mane (Narinal Military)

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Guests of the Mane (Narinal Military)

Post  Terik on Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:17 am

Posted by Mane Dispatch:

Lords, citizens, and visitors of Naringal,

I soon arrive with Worgs who are my guests. These very large wolf-like creatures are intelligent and can communicate. That doesn't mean they will chose to do so. They have been given my permission to hunt outside Stormberg. You will distinguish them by a green cloth on their front forearm and a small escort of the 9th's Ratkin. Should they cause losses to livestock, the Republic will repay you in earnest. There may also be rouge factions of the Green Hag's trying to cause them harm. Protect the Worgs as you would any good Chancellor's man. We are still at a cease fire with the faction of the Green Hags, but unsettled factions among their ranks have developed.

They have business with the House of Lords. I invite all those of the House of Commons to hear what they have to say.

In Service to the Republic,

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