Knowing is Half the Battle

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Knowing is Half the Battle

Post  Terik on Thu May 03, 2012 6:20 pm

Posted by Military Runner
Know your enemy:

To those new to the Republic, it is my duty as Steward of the House of Commons and Lieutenant in the Silver Lions to inform you who is considered the Friends and Enemies of the Republic.

 All who wear the colors of Avalon’s Crown – Black Tabard with Green Shield and Silver Bend Sinister
 Dwarves of the Stoneforge Clan led by his Majesty Skarn Stoneforge – long beards, drinking ale or at a forge, not attacking you.
 Naringal Military – Black Tabard Green Square Silver Bend or Silver Lion Rampant, led by Sir Eric von Beckleheimer
 Skitterfell Ratkin – Rat Scavengers led by Consul Lucius “Books” Septimus.
 Citizens of Varhardt – Thane Trevor Gatenvald, leader of the Nors
 Members of the House of Lords – (treat with respect) High Lord Chancellor Vaylen Locklain (Leader of the House of Lords and the Republic), King Skarn Stoneforge, Lady Stewardess Hime Wren'Ryu MoonDragon, Consul Lucius "Books" Septimus, Baron E'nick Greycoak, Thane Trevor Gatenvald, Lord Protector Daelar Drea, Lord Seneschal Micha Amasai, Sir Arvil Boulderbreaker,Sir Eric von Beckleheimer, Sir Kelvaren[/list]

 THE DUCK So called “Duke” Gregory Mustalanoff and his misguided Evandarrian forces. They have orders to kill any South of the Great River. If you can read this, this means you.
 “BLACK HATS” The Black Hats are a band of goblin-kin, spider-kin, and dark elves that swear allegiance to the Dark Elf Queen that currently holds the throne. They are adept at all poisons and webs. They are excellent at stealth attacks and espionage. If they capture you, you will be branded, filled with tiny spider eggs, tortured, or killed. If there is no hope of honorable retreat, I suggest you fight to the death.
 “MAD ONES” The Mad Ones are a collective of crimson robed necromancers that apparently have been corrupted by a silver chalice. They have attacked the goodly races of Naringal and their despicable necromancy must be stopped. They have raised a number of liches, death knights, and other undead monstrosities in their quest for depravity.
 Memeo or “Scrolls” and his followers. These are ratkin who have been seduced by the infernal power of an object not of this plane. They have tried to usurp Counsul Books for control of Skitterfell.
 “YELLOW HATS” They are a force of bog trolls, goblins, and others that are attacking from the Vintergaas Moors. Stay on our side of No-Man’s Land.
 DARK DWARVES. Friends to no one but greed. Never trust them.

Somewhere in between:

• “GREEN HATS” Green Hats are a band of giant-kin, goblins, dark dwarves that follow the lead of Coveys of Green Hags. The Green Hags control many of their agents with a green gem that allows them to see, hear, and cast magic from the stone. It must be placed in a non-magic rendered pouch or case. Currently at a truce with the Republic. Just stay out of the Naer Fade Woods.
• “RIVER TROLLS” You would likely noticed their refugee camp outside Stormberg, or at least smelled it. They are not to be easily trusted, but they have been grievously wronged by the Duck. The enemy of my enemy and what not.

Random Baddies:
• SPIDERS. I hate spiders. Spiders make me crazy.
• KOBALD. Kobald. They aren’t an organized threat, just annoying as a Gypsy Crotch Curse. Kobald. They sling gasses like no other.
• OWL BEAR. Affectionately called Rape Bears. Don’t make the awkward mistake of eye contact.
• Many more. Naringal is a wild land. We have yet to make a comprehensive “the next pissed off thing that may walk into the tavern at random” list.


So called “Duke” Gregory Mustalanoff: Bring him in alive and you will receive 200 silver, and the Military Barracks in Haven will bear your name.

Memeo: Dead or Alive, 180 silver. Wanted for inciting civil war in Skitterfell. Description is a rat scavenger that is half infernal. May have the power of a purple gem.

Darrin Shaw – Officer of the Duck: Dead or Alive, 180 silver. Wanted for the breach of treaty with the Council of Naringal, Murder of Terik Locklain, Murder of the Lord of Naringal Vaylen Locklain, and just being a prick.

Green hats: 1 silver for every 2 green hats.
Black hats: 1 silver for every 2 black hats.
Yellow hats: 1 silver for every 2 yellow hats.
Tabbard of Osterdorf: 1 silver for every tabbard.
Prisoners of Osterdorf: 10 silver per prisoner, alive and in good health.
Mad One's robe: 1 silver per robe
catapults and seize weapons in working order: 75 gold
quarried stone 1'x1'x1' block: 5 silver

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