Important information about posting!

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Important information about posting!

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:53 am

(Please note these rules have been up on every forum grouping for years now, please read them! We just don't want some ones character eaten by some monster or killed by hostile groups)

Forum Rules:

1. No OOG posting on IG boards
2. If you wish to post on a forum make sure you let plot know where you are or going to this way we can let you know how long it will be before you can post on this forum or if you can at all. If not your post will be deleted (
3. Also, we only except accounts with your character or out of game on it.
4. Please only post on the ingame boards if you have a character in the data base or from another chapter.
5. Please post written by scribe if you don't have read and write as a skill.
6. All characters starting as new players and out of chapter players need to post first on the Docktown boards. This is the only way into Naringal and if you wish to post on other boards just let me know via email.

Thank you for your time


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