grievous acts of malice

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grievous acts of malice

Post  Terik on Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:20 pm

Posted by Militia Runner:

Lord Chancellor, My Lords, Friends, Adventures,

These grievous acts of malice against the citizenry and inhabitants of this Sovereign Republic of Naringal by the self-titled Duke must not be tolerated longer. While still here at the front lines, reports return to me that there has been raids and attacks on the peaceful folk of Haven. Word has come to me that they have even brutalized and killed a small Sarr girl. Savagery! I dare say the thousands of Goblins in this land would not dare such uncivility!

Previously, I have given orders to the units under my command to grant mercy to the Evandarrian forces. I presumed they had been driven here by the heavy hand of Mustaintoff. I was wrong. Even under such pressure, good troops would not scar such innocence.

My orders are hereby revoked. Deal with the Evandarrians as the situation dictates, however, I will pay one gold per prisoner brought to the holding cells of the arena.

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