Magic to Body Playtest

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Magic to Body Playtest

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:11 am

NERO® Magic to Body Playtest
Version 1.0 3-21-12
For NERO Rules: Travis Fauber

This playtest is designed to allow all casters, to be more effective in combat.
The “Magic to Body” playtest is just that, all magic spells wither it be celestial, earth, or nature will go directly to body.

This means any spell that a player character can cast.

Example: lighnting bolt 10, cure wounds 10, cause wounds 10, or tyrran beam 20.

These will all go towards body, by passing ones physical armor.

All normal protectives such as shield magic, reflect magic, cloaks, banes etc… work as normal to protect the player from such magical attacks.

This playtest is to enhance the roleplay experience of all players in the 9th edition system.


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