Improved First Aid Playtest

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Improved First Aid Playtest

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:10 am

NERO® Improved First Aid Play-test
Version 1.1 3-21-12
For NERO Rules: Daniel Littleton / Travis Fauber

First off the “Bandage” is an aspect of improved first aid that is implemented to both improve the role-playing aspect of providing first aid and promote the benefits of the first aid skill.

Bandage LCO Item 1 copper / 1 goblin point

The bandage must be be approved by a marshal prior to a bandage tag being provided. A bandage must be at least 3 inches by 75 inches in size of white fabric or gauze.

When giving first aid, if a bandage is applied to a player who is bleeding out. The player will regain 1 hit point after ONLY 30 seconds of unconiousness, than the standard 1 minute. The bandage can only be applied once per day to each extremity (for a total of four times per day per player.) Once the bandage has been used it is no longer sterile and is therefore consumed. The tag for the bandage is then destroyed after the bandage is complete. If a player is injured or otherwise distracted from the application of first aid they must restart the first aid process, however the bandage is not consumed until first aid is complete.

On application, the bandage must be wrapped around a player’s appendage completely without obstructing circulation in order to be affective. Loosely tying the bandage in a knot around a player’s extremity will not count.

If a player has already had four bandages used on them that day. Then all 9th Edition rules for first aid will still apply for any further use of the skill.

This playtest is to enhance the roleplay experience of all players in the 9th edition system.


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Re: Improved First Aid Playtest

Post  Jeeves on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:52 pm

I feel that this play test won't see much use. With all of the earth casters around I think that the first-aid skill doesn't see much use except for creatures that we are trying to question...

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