Improved Evaluate Item Playtest

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Improved Evaluate Item Playtest

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:08 am

NERO® Improved Evaluate Item
Version 1.0 3-21-12
For NERO Rules: Travis Fauber

This playtest is designed to allow those characters with Evaluate to recieve more coin for the items they turn in for maxout and for their bank. The second part to this playtest is to create a easy evaluate item system.

Any character that has the skill evaluate may turn in item tags for double there worth.

Example: Raelynn turns in two one gold gem tags, since she has evaluate item she recieves four gold in her bank and or towards her maxout at check out.

The second part to this playtest is to explain a easy system for evaluate item. Any person with evaluate item will note this at check in so that it can be recorded by the plot team for their records. This way all marshalls, plot, and staff will know who can use the evaluate skill. Once this is done all items that go out will be in a small plastic baggie with a folded tag. This way the any other character won’t be able to just read the tag right off the bat. Once the treasure is dropped only a evaluate item character can open the tag to see how much it is worth. This player can fold the tag over so it can be viewed afterwards or they can put it back like it is if they wish.

Now if the item is to large for a baggie then it most likely is going out on as a town treasure or as part of a treasure box for a module. If this happens just put the item in the box or give it out with out the tag. If evaluate is used on the item then the tag is given to the player with the evaluate skill. This player will get a chance to look at it before giving the tag to the character that has the prop. If the evaluate character wishes to keep the item’s worth a secert then plot will keep the tag till it is turn in, sold, etc… If this happens and the character that has the prop is out of chapter, then at check out the character will be provided the tag at check out.

This playtest is to enhance the roleplay experience of all players in the 9th edition system.

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Re: Improved Evaluate Item Playtest

Post  Jeeves on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:41 pm

I really like this one because it gives the persons with evaluate item a bigger function in game and it starts an economy with being to buy and sell gems and other items to and from evaluators without having to take a huge loss of value as they can give you double its price and still receive a large profit. The armor one is still me fav though.

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