War Declared on The Republic of Naringal

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War Declared on The Republic of Naringal

Post  Duke of Naringal on Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:20 pm

To all Loyal Citizens,

It has been a cold winter, now spring is here and so we here in Capital of Naringal rejoice as the time has come to put an end to the so called Republic of Naringal. We have taken the land to the south the Heren Duin River called the Borderlands. We hold it against the local tribes and factions that have plagued it for so long. I have sent members of my court to help stomp out these factions in the borderlands.

Our forces hold strong against the Republics forces high in the Stoneforge Highlands, they also lay siege to the allies of the Republic in Skitterfell, and we have sent a force to hold off attacks coming north from Stormberg.

The naval forces on the river try to hold back ships going two and from the Republic but our block aid has been ran number of times. Since our land forces have been so successful we will continue our land war and push south this spring. We believe our naval forces to strong for a all out assualt by the Republic so we are not worried of attacks along our coast.

The Green Hag's forces have been pushed back to their fort at Amrun Taury and they have not come out in some time but for skirmishes. The fort of Flussburg holds strong against their attacks.

We have still hold back those forces that have been working for the infernal infestation in the old elven lands to the north of Stradtwald.

I make this declaration to all my citizens join your military and my court in helping put an end to this so called Republic of Naringal. These people have lost their ways but we will give it back to them under our Duchy. They have allied themselves with the wild creatures of these lands and have forgotten their civil ways. They will need to be beaten to be shown their mistakes and their need for my guidance. May their evil ways be forgotten so we can best tame this land by my hand.

This is by my hand

Duke Grigory Mustalanoff
Duke of Naringal
Duke of Naringal

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