House of Lords and House of Commons members

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House of Lords and House of Commons members

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:55 pm

To all,

We are glad to announce the offical creation of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. This offical declaration heralds the begining of the Republic of Naringal as a part of the political community in Avalon. This creation also removes the council of Naringal and replaces it with these two Houses.

New and current House of Lords members are:

High Lord Chancellor Vaylen Locklain (Leader of the House of Lords and the Republic)
King Skarn Stoneforge
Lady Stewardess Hime Wren'Ryu MoonDragon
Consul Lucius "Books" Septimus
Baron E'nick Greycoak
Thane Trevor Gatenvald
Lord Protector Daelar Drea
Lord Seneschal Micha Amasai
Sir Arvil Boulderbreaker
Sir Eric von Beckleheimer
Sir Kelvaren

The House of Lords will proceed over Political Measures with other Countries, Declare and wage War, and Economic trade with in and with out of the Republic of Naringal. Other duties will be given and taken as the House sees fit.

The House of Commons Members are:

Lt. Terik Locklain (Leader of the House of Commons)
Quarter Master Luvian Parlamoche
Arms Corp. Garruk Halfblood
Private Brock Ironhill
Private Marcus

The House of Commons will proceed over the creation of Laws for the Republic of Naringal and Justice for those brought to trial. Other duties will be given and taken as the House of Lords sees fit.

In Service to the Republic

Sir Eric von Beckleheimer
House of Lords
Captain of the 1st Company of Naringal
Order of the Silver Lion

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