Event Cancellation Feb 3-5

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Event Cancellation Feb 3-5

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:01 pm

To all,

I'm sorry to tell you but our Feburary Opening event has been cancelled. This is due to the part of construction being done at the sight that the local BSA council forgot about before letting us have dates. Also, we did not recieve any pre-registrations for NPCs nor PCs and or money so we felt it was safe to drop this event in lue of this information.

We planned on this event being short on attendance as many people announced they had family functions, missionary work, business obligations, etc... but the good news is we are already pre-paid for the event in March will now be our opening event for this year and many people who already said they had marked off the days please go ahead and pre-register so we can get a few prop projects done for the 2012 year.

Again we are sorry for this delay in the opening of our season and I'm going to see if I may be able to host a weapon building, sparing, and mod day on saturday but that is currently up in the air right now.

Please inform anyone you know about these changes that do no regularly check our boards.

Thank you, we appreciate you business always.

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