CharCon Tournement Rules

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CharCon Tournement Rules

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:54 pm

Rule for the Tournements

Spell Casting- No Magical items, No cantrips, no formal, no gases, no scrolls, no potions, etc... only spells in memory can be used. The ring will be a circle with a line down the middle that each caster can not cross. Each caster will give a marshall the spells they have memorized minus the ones they used earlier in the tournament (Unless you have cast on the fly then just a tick of what you have used so far). The marshall will start and call each fight, casters may use any spell in memory to immobilize his or her rival or crosses the line (Silence, Sleep, Charm, Calm, anything that will stop the other caster from castering at you). Once the fight is over the loser will be healed, lifed, freed, etc... The winner will advance in what ever condition he or she is in till they lose or win the tournament.

Melee- No Magical items, no gases, no potions, no scrolls, etc... Each warror may bring a suit of armor "non magical", any non magical weapons or non sharpen weapons. Each will enter the ring to do battle to the best of their ability (Slays / Assassinates will not be used but parries and dodges can be used) till one of them falls. The loser will be healed and the winner will advance in the condition he or she is in till they lose or win the tournament.

Duel- This will be a five tap tournament to show skill of weapon. Each will enter the ring tap a weapon and the duel will be gain till first blow. The Marshall will call each blow and then each will go back to their start then tap and repeat till there is a winner.

If anyone has an questions they can contact me here.


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