History being up dated as well!

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History being up dated as well!

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To all,

Here is a taste of the history being updated this weekend as well!


The History of Naringal

(All information presented here is common knowledge in-game to all players)

All history of Naringal before these dates listed has been either lost to antiquity or currently not known to those that reside in its borders currently.

June – December 608

A merchant by the name of Leonardo Di'Gario supported an expedition to seek out what wealth this land may hold. Few if any returned, from his first expedition and within the next few months he gave free passage to adventurers to help set up an outpost.

During that trip two river boats crossed Loch Naduwn to anchor near the shore of Naringal, while adventurers and men-at-arms marched up the Heren Duin River. They fought their way though giant wolf spiders, and Naringal goblins dressed in black with long black hats till they reached the elven ruins of Amrun Taury. There in the ruins they continued to fight the Naringal goblins, giant spiders, and a troll.

Most of the stories get jumbled about how many people died and had to be resurrected. Also, the stories of other creatures that assaulted them, gets mixed up as well. But you gauge from most of the stories that the first night experience for the adventurers is always the same account.

In the next few months after the expeditions landing, Leonardo Di’Gario’s people fought for their lives against an unknown force coming from an elven gate that was found, in Amrun Taury. These forces pushed the expedition out of the ruined town till they held only the lands around the river and the old elven tower.

January – July 609

Leonardo sent out a request for help, and slowly but surely more adventurers came to Naringal to seek adventure. This new influx of adventurers, many new to their careers, helped make the fort of Amrun Taury stable and there looked to be promise in taming this wild land.

August - September 609

In late August of 609 more adventurers came to the lands and disaster struck. The fort of Amrun Taury was found empty and abandoned. Leonardo Di’Gario sent out what men he could and some adventurers to seek out what had happen to this expedition. They were only able to find a few of his people, who spoke of a silver chalice that drove the others crazy and turned others spirits evil.

With what resources he had Leonardo and the new adventurers where able to hold the ruins and the fort for only a day before it fell to the minions of the gate. Many lost their lives protecting the fort, and few resurrected. The battle that took place at the fort later became known as the Battle of the Baleful Eye.

After the loss of the fort, rumors came from scouts that Leonardo’s rival had come to take what he had worked so hard to keep. Since, he had taken to many losses; Leonardo took those that would come back with him to the civilized lands of Avalon. Those that stayed faced what would come fighting or siding with his rival from Evendar.

Once Leonardo’s Ship left the lands, the Evendarian’s showed up soon after demanding fealty from those that stayed in Naringal. This didn’t bode well with many of those that stayed, and soon skirmishes broke through out the ruins of Amrun Taury. Most of these fights where won by the usurper’s forces, but a few stunning victories came from the adventurers and expedition forces.

The last battle came the night of September 1, 609 when the Evendarian forces where defeated at their camp in the old fort of Amrun Taury. This battle that took place at the mouth of Heren Duin later became known as the Battle of Frost Blood. Those forces that survived fled the land of Naringal only with warnings of a time when they would return.

The expedition forces knowing this not to be a lie searched for a safe haven to re-establish their hold on the lands they now call home. They found a fallen dwarven military outpost south of the ruins of Amrun Taury which they in turn named Haven.

October – November 609

After a few weeks of rebuilding the small outpost of Haven, Skarn Stoneforge a dwarven smith of the expedition force that stayed behind, set out to bring his clans men to Naringal. Skarn and his apprentice Brock of Clan Ironhill, a few months earlier discovered one of the ancient dwarven mines in Naringal. The only problem with putting these mines to use was the clan of duergar found holding them. Skarn determined to reclaim the lost mines of Bawnishall for his ancestors and for Naringal, made plans for an invasion. He received help from Lord Tel'daarn of Elmrisen who's ship brought over 800 of his battle harden brethren, over the following weeks leading up to the assault. Also, during those weeks Brock and Avril of Clan Boulderbreaker mustered as many adventurers as they could for the battle.

The morning of November 28, 609 the Battle of Bawnishall Mine took place. The fighting in the tunnels carried on till the evening, until the majority of Clan Sha'Dhurm was removed from the mines. After the battle other skirmishes happened in the tunnels close to the mines. In the northern tunnels of the Under Realm many of the adventurers encountered giant spiders, ettercaps, black hat goblins, and trolls. The occupying dwarves encountered to the west dark trolls and to the southeast more duergar of Clan Sha'Dhurm.
The months following the victory of Clan Stoneforge, the dwarves put their new mine back to working order. Now with the forges glowing night and day the dwarves turned to help their human allies in their goal to take back the ruins of Amrun Taury. Still all the while Clan Stoneforge keeps watchful eyes out for Clan Sha’Dhurm and others creatures in the Under Realm.

December 609

Since the Battle of Bawnishall Mine, the 1st Company of Naringal started making plans to take back the ruins of Amrun Taury. During the month of December Captain Eric von Beckelheimer’s patrols found a human of unknown origins wondering the outskirts of the ruins of Amrun Taury. The patrol took this man back to Haven for questioning about where he was from and what he was doing in the ruins.

After a few weeks of questioning to determine if he was telling the truth or lying. They came to find out he is a direct descendant of the ancient peoples of Naringal. His moot came from an expedition sent by the dwarven and human kingdom’s of old to hold back a feared enemy from the Keldpazen Mountains. During this time the elven court refused to send help as their last expedition was lost by all accounts. This expedition was successful and they even found what was left of the elven expedition. But as time went on they lost contact with the outside world as their own kingdoms fell to other dark powers.

In these dark years to follow many dwarves and humans intermarried, as did some humans and elves. Thus creating two cultures from what can be gathered, that have worked together to keep his town of Varhardt safe.

During the last few months his moot has been attacked more savagely lately by creatures allied to the Ymirkelds. They are the creatures his ancestors where sent to protect the lowlands from and are now fight for their mere survival against.

Once hearing the tale of Trevor Gatenvald’s troubles Captain Beckelheimer sends out a call for adventurers. He makes plans to send a expedition to the Keldpazen Mountains to help the people of Varnhardt, by sending help by a spirit walk ritual in Haven to Varnhardt.

January 610

The evening of January 29, 610 the expeditional forces along with two sections from the 1st Company of Naringal under Corporal Terik Locklain, spirit walked in to Varnhardt. For three days these forces fought to protect the town from the forces of the Ymirkelds. During those days the expeditional force faced brutally cold weather, cunning enemies, and the foul magic of the Ymirkelds themselves. Much blood was shed on the snows of the Keldpazen Mountains and many resurrections were performed. On the third day of Corporal Locklain’s Keldpazen campaign his battle for attrition saved Varnhardt from destruction. For helping save his moot Gatenvald gave Corporal Locklain the knowledge he needed to use the gate of Varnhardt to travel back Amrun Taury.

After traveling through the gate Corporal Locklain’s forces quickly made their way past the occupying forces back to Haven. Once back in Haven the expedition forces relayed their success to Captain Beckelheimer and the knowledge they had gained about the gates and other magic of Naringal. With this new knowledge and a new ally Captain Beckelheimer went back to work outlining plans to recruit more soldiers and adventurers for his assault on the ruins of Amrun Taury.

February – May 610

Months passed by since the Keldpazen campaign in the northern mountains of Naringal. Corporal Locklain was promoted to Sergeant and given a metal for his valor. Plus he received another section under him in the 1st Company of Naringal. During these months adventurers scouted the lands north of Haven close to the area controlled by the minions of the gate. A few skirmishes took place with the adventurers winning every encounter, except one. In these few months a tribe of river trolls once allied to the forces of Naringal, turned against them to join the minions of the gate. They attacked the docks made on the Heren Duin River that was the major trade route south to Haven. Now with the minions having total control of the Heren Duin River, Captain von Beckelheimer sent forces east to construct a new dock east of Haven on the Great River of Avalon.
Since the Captain’s forces was being used to hold Haven and the surrounding area. He sent out a call asking adventurers, farmers, etc… to go north of Haven to an area outside of their patrols. This territory was dubbed the Borderlands, since it was close to the area controlled by the minions of the gate. He offered land ownership to all who could carve out their own lands and who could defend them.

June 610

In June 610 this call was taken up by many adventurers and the 9th-11th sections of Naringal under Sergeant Locklain headed north to claim this territory. This group of fortune seekers fought many of the humanoid tribes in the area and discovered a valley to the west of the Borderlands they nick named “The Valley of Chaos.” This area was riddled with caves filled with many different humanoid tribes hostile to their cause. Still after a number of battles with these tribes, the Naringal forces were able to lay claim to a small part of the Borderlands.

July 610

Micha Amasai an adventurer of Naringal discovered a dark secret. When his family first came to Naringal back in April 609, one of them encountered a beautiful blonde woman with emerald green eyes. They heard her screams out in the Naer Fade, when they had left the fort of Amrun Taury. When they went in search of this noise, they encountered black hat goblins, giant black spiders, worgs, green hat goblins, and an ogre. During the battle with the ogre, one of them fell to its blade and bleed out. This is when his brother encountered the beautiful woman. She brought him back to life and healed his wounds with magic. She then gave him a large emerald necklace and said it was for saving her life. She then turned and left the area to flee back into the woods. Once the battle was over Micha asked his brother about the necklace and he told him it was a gift to him for saving the beautiful woman. Not ever seeing this lady they accepted their brother’s gift and turned back to heal their wounds back at the fort.

A year later after many adventures, Micha discovers through research his brother’s necklace is a Hag’s Eye. He learns a Hag’s Eye is a magic item created by hags to see and hear what the wearer does. It also can be used by them to channel spells through it for their own plans. He recounts all the times the necklace saved their lives and when it didn’t do anything at all. Still not knowing what to do about the necklace he lets his brother keep it.

Then one day when they were patrolling their claim in the Borderlands. The Amasai encounter a vornae who wishes to speak with them. After seeing the necklace around Micah’s neck he asks him to tuck it under his tunic. The strange vornae then asks to speak with one of his brothers away from Micha and the necklace. During the encounter the vornae tells the Amasai a covenant of green hags controls the forces they call the minions of the gate. He advises Micha to destroy or lose the necklace as soon as he can to avoid being used as their puppet any longer.

He also tells them of an attack heading south from Amrun Taury to attack the people of Naringal in the Borderlands area. After gaining this new knowledge, the Amasai quickly set out to warn and defend against the green hags’ forces. Once warned of this attack the adventurers and 9th-11th sections of Naringal prepared for battle.

Then during the evening of July 26th 610 the Battle of the Hag’s Eye Moon took place in the Borderlands. This battle was a bloody one as many defenders took resurrections. When the battle was over the defending people of Naringal was victorious. But this great news was killed, when they learned Haven was under siege. The attack on Haven came from the south, right as the Battle of the Hag’s Eye Moon was taking place. This new force was also made up of creatures following the green hags of the Vintergas Moor.

August – September 610

Working on more...........


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