The funny thing about Evendarr

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The funny thing about Evendarr

Post  Cirin Icerider on Wed May 18, 2011 12:02 pm

Evendarr has a curious place in NERO lore and plots.

Now, for those who haven't been around as long or in as many chapters, you might think of Evendarr only as an invading evil Empire, like it's main role in plot at NERO SWV. It's played that role at other chapters as well, such as NERO MTN. At the event last weekend I heard several people say that Evendarr is a paper-thin copy of the Nazis, or a stereotypical "Evil Empire" to fight.

The funny thing is, Evendarr wasn't created for NERO plot to be the villain, and in many chapters it is shown as the hero. In the original NERO chapter, and most of the older chapters, Evendarr is the local government. Many of the older chapters, especially those on the east coast, are Evendarr chapters. For chapters that are not in Evendarr, that nation is typically depicted as a foriegn aggressor, or uneasy ally at best.

The historian in me would like to point out that Evendarr is a clear stand-in for the British Empire, with certain plotlines being obvious copies of British history. The Evendarrian conquest of Volta was openly written to be a NERO version of the English conquest of Scotland, with the Voltan Clans being written up by National as a packet to let PC's play pseudo-Scottish clansmen, complete with pseudo-English villains in the Evendarrians.

If there is one historic political entity that the media likes to waffle about being heroes and villains, it is the British Empire. From heroically fighting pirates or tyrants like the Nazis, to being tyrants over India and Colonial America, they are depicted along the entire spectrum. . .just like Evendarr.

There have been IG governments in NERO, actually represented as the ruling government at events (not off-stage) that were blatant tyranny for the PC's to fight. The Emurian Empire from the early days of NERO Ohio's days come to mind. Even the more unfair Evendarrian rulers are more just than the typical Emurian Imperial rulers, or blatant NPC villain governments like the Sessuar Imperium or the Varykite Confederation.

Just thought I'd give a little broader out-of-game perspective on what is happening in plot.

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