Call to arms.

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Call to arms.

Post  Vaylen on Wed May 11, 2011 12:11 am

*posted via courier*
Ladies and Gentlemen,

As many of you know we have created an opening to reclaim the Borderlands from the hags’ forces. This is a great opportunity that we must act upon. Not only will this allow for the building of homes for many of the common populace but also it will allow for the reclamation of fertile farm lands. While I cannot question the honorable hospitality of the dwarves, I am tired of eating potatoes with every meal. Unfortunately, after our success in the highlands, we have alerted the hags of our intentions and we will not be able to attack such forces alone.

Therefore, I urge each of you to send couriers and whispering winds to allies of other lands for assistance in our endeavors. After all, regardless of our political affiliations, the hags threaten to spread their control to other lands should we fail.

It is my hope that the Amasai clan will remain in the highlands to give us an escape route should the hags’ forces prove too strong. The Amasai are a diverse force and are proven to be self sufficient. While their skills will be missed in our endeavors I have full faith in the Amasais’ abilities to keep our egress clear. To digress, their absence leads more credence to the need for reinforcements.

That said, I urge all who are able to join me in the tavern in two days time (Thursday) to discuss strategy options. This will allow time for those who need to travel to make it to Haven to provide input as I do not trust posting vital intelligence publicly.

In truth we need to grow as a republic and in order to do so we will need the unique talents of each of you in order to succeed. Until we meet…

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Re: Call to arms.

Post  Arvil Boulderbreaker on Wed May 11, 2011 3:30 pm

What is wrong with potatoes?? Don't worry Vaylen me and ye Brother will be leading some of the Militia into battle in the Borderlands. We be leaving some here in Stormberg to help keep it safe. I be hoping some of the people I met in Beronis be making it down the river to help us.
Arvil Boulderbreaker

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Re: Call to arms.

Post  Micha_Amasai on Wed May 11, 2011 5:44 pm


We will be working full force in the Highlands, to keep a route open.

If any of you need supplies please let me know. I will do what I can to assist.

Vaylen - I will be sending a few things to you so do keep a watch for my messenger, and let me know if you need anything specific.

I look forward to hearing stories of Great Victory!


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Re: Call to arms.

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