My apology.

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My apology.

Post  Terik on Tue Apr 12, 2011 6:13 pm

Posted by paid human courier:

To the Duke of Osterdorf and all free peoples of Naringal:


I tried to be cordial, but you would not see me as worthy of your ear. I tried to be conniving, but you aren't nearly as dim witted as rumors, your low forehead, and mono-brow belie. Now I am being most obstinate and as blunt as your wit. Your year is not up yet. "Your citizens" are clearing out the land south of the river with not so much as a good word from "our Duke." The only aid you offer is bounties on our heads and weapons in our backs. Our blood is on your hands, "My Lord". Would any of your citizens, slaves, or outcasts from North of the river choose to assist us in our struggles to make a new home free from your Grace's "aid", we would welcome them with open arms.

Now for an ultimatum of my own:

You have 6 months to renounce your claim on this land or I will declare all persons of authority in Osterdorf as slaveholders to be dealt with as the Council sees fit.

And as a personal favor, please do not defile any more of the livestock of Naringal with your shortest of swords. They are skittish enough as it is.

Consider this my apology, your Highness,

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Re: My apology.

Post  Duke of Naringal on Sat Jun 18, 2011 9:28 am

Terik Locklain,

It seems you have been ill informed; I've not cleared any land out south of the Heren Duin. I've left our southern border under the watch of Lord Darrian Shaw. It has come to my attention as I've just got back from a few dinner parties of my friends in the Kingdom and making some rounds back in his Majesty's court, that Avalon's Crown attacked my men while they where on duty watching this border.

Now I believe this issue can be resolved if you would give us those criminals. I would even remove the outlaw status for you as well Locklain. But until this is done I will do what ever I need to do to protect my citizens from that band of brigands and from those that call them friend.

I see from your missive on my bill that you seem to suffer from some kind of mental illness to refer to my people as slaveholders, slavers, and say that my citizens in gauge in bestiality. This is ridiculous and I will not show any attention towards these outlandish claims you have created in your disturbed brain.

Duke Grigory Mustalanoff
Duke of Naringal
Duke of Naringal

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