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Post  Duke of Naringal on Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:17 am

To all Citizens,

Its seem yet again someone has tried to carry my favor only to lie and now flee the land. I'm tired of this game of thinking one can carry my favor asking me for gold and magical items. I do not give these up just because you walk into my lands and say you have seen the light. I'm not the idiot you all take me for but you will know soon enough, I do know you are dealing with you own troubles right now and that is just working in my favor.

So I take great joy in letting you all know that Katatherick Mang has sold you all down the river. Its sad that one of my citizens turn on his fellows just for a few pieces of gold and a magical item or two. If it was not for his information I would not have been for sure that Terik Locklain was trying to use my good graces for the better ment of this self appointed Council of Naringal.

This below is the letters Katatherick Mang wrote and the record of his audience here at my court before leaving for Beronis/Myrr earlier this year.

Written February 27, 611

Your Grace,

Sir, although admittedly I have, from time to time, defamed your name and recommended that you be driven from these lands, I have recently had a change of heart. I believe that certain elements in Naringal will eventually cause its downfall and will cast most of the free peoples of this land to the Hags - either willingly or unwittingly.

That is why, after giving it a tremendous amount of thought, that I would offer my services to you. I know that you have declared Green Law and if I am to serve you, I must have some way to crossing to Osterdorf unharmed, perhaps a letter of marque. If there is any misunderstanding here, your Grace, I am offering to act an agent for you south of the Heren Duin. I will require a stipend - a small one - and a reasonable amount of autonomy as to conduct investigations on your behalf.

I do not do this out of any vindictiveness or malice toward Haven or any of the population to the south of the river but I do honestly believe that in order for this land to prosper there must be real laws set in place. I now believe you are the only one who can do as much.

Yours in Honor,
Katatherick Mang

Written February 27, 611

Katatherick Mang,

Greetings citizen I’m glad you have found your way home. You may cross the river over to Osterdorf with this letter in hand. You will not be harmed as the sited Green Law is only for those of green skin. Do you have green skin? If not and if you are not a rodent then you cross the river at any time.

Now as for your services that you have offered, I do not know neither you nor what you could offer that would make me want to give you coin. If you where to convince me or do a few jobs for me I will see about adding you to the pay roll.

The first items I would like to see done is the recruitment of new people to help you in your endears. Because any other further jobs I give will require the help of others and to work as a team. After this is done I will need you to start spying and relaying information to Osterdorf. I also would like to start trapping, assassinating, spreading rumors, and causing mayhem for the general populace. This way they will see the lack of guidance by the so call Council of Naringal and the Republic itself.

I also have one question to ask you a Lt. Terik has contacted me stating that he has killed two members of Avalon’s Crown can you confirm if this is true?

Duke Grigory Mustalanoff
Duke of Naringal

Written February 27, 611

Your Grace,

That shouldn't be difficult, your grace, as the Council does little or nothing already. Whatever do attempt to do is stymied by the fact that they have no unity. As for the rumor involving Terik, I will soon have that information for you. It also won't be difficult to recruit for your cause, sir, as many folk south of the Heren Duin are fed up with the idea of simply sitting in Haven and waiting for the next Hag assault. Once I have seen to these first two requests, I will continue on with the others.


Let it be know that since Katatherick Mang has left my good graces he will be treated as an outlaw as well. He is to be stripped like those already posted as outlaws of his citizenship and just like the others should he be found in a land that signed the Accords of Avalon extradition papers will be given to those citizens that wish to hunt him down.

This is by my hand

Duke Grigory Mustalanoff
Duke of Naringal

Duke of Naringal

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