Buildings in-game

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Buildings in-game

Post  Admin on Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:15 am

To all,

It has come to my attention that people are stating they have buildings they do not in game. I'm sorry but this will need to be put to an end.

If you wish to build a building then you must pay for such things. Which means have craftsmen work on it, get materials etc...

The only current structure that has been made by PCs is two estates by Avalon's Crown and Arena by Lt. Locklain. Other buildings that where made have been burnt to the ground or are being build like the Mage's Guild, Arvils Tavern, Lt. Locklain's Barracks, and Mang's Printing House.

Please let me know this way people can roleplay their characters with out having me go what are you talking about and saying there is no such building.


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