Journey to the lands of Naringal

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Journey to the lands of Naringal

Post  Micha_Amasai on Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:14 pm

Journey to the lands of Naringal,

After a long journey from the lands of Willowdark, we have secured passage to the lands known as Naringal. While we don’t know what all to expect we feel the need for adventure.

We arrive at ~LD’s caravel and we board, all is quite while we journey down the waters. We arrive at the docks, only to notice the darkness. There are no signs of life, the town is dark, no light is seen. We proceed off the boat, and approach the town with caution. “Where is everyone?” “What has happened here?” are the questions floating about in chatter.

We proceed towards the tavern; “A TRAP!” there must be foul play about. But with no one able to disarm the traps, we are subject to their wrath. We must move forward, everyone keeping a sharp eye, using the moon as our light. We arrive at the tavern, only to find it vacant, a mess! Seems as those here left, and in a hurry?

What was that? A noise, shuffles about around the tavern, we’re under attack! Amasai’s to arms! It’s time to fight….

Over the next few hours we spend most of our time fighting off goblins, and other such creatures in the darkness. Alongside our friends and allies from previous adventures it’s an honor to fight with them. The battle last a while, and move away from the tavern, as we seek lodging we find our self again in battle with creatures… we hear a laughing echoing though the darkness…

The battle’s over and we secure lodging.

We rest for a while, before deciding to head back out, on our way out, we meet a Chicata bird by the name of Merdoo? Who is seeking Kilvarn, we move along with him up to the cabin, where he speaks in private, while we enjoy a game of dice with Belts, a rat from the land. Durning this game we meet a traveler, by the name of Azreal, who say he may know of missing villagers? We’re intrigued, and venture with him.

We are lead to what seems to be an entrance to the forest/woods or possibly a cave? He tells us that in order to proceed we must give up part of ourselves? Through more discussion we learn that we must give up our self-control? And then we will find true happiness, just as the others. We would drink from a silver chalice.

Once we have all declined, this Azreal attacks! The battle rages on, we fight long, but he seems too powerful. ZANE!, he has be imprisoned, and starts to imprison others. He seems unaffected my normal attacks? BALATRO NO, he falls to his death, I rush to his aid, only to find he has been healed? It seems as though something is keeping Balatro alive, and free? The creature spells are instantly dispelled? But by what? We fight for as long as we can, but this creature is too much we retreat for the night?

The morning comes, we are refreshed! We set out on adventure… we meet with our good friend Vaylen, who informs us of some of his findings earlier that morning, and ask for our help in searching for more on these Obelisks? We agree!

During the day we venture and meet with many creatures, and battle around every turn.

That evening we meet with travelers from Willowdark! One of high nobility? Who returns our lost chest to us, we are grateful! He then tells of a Magic Arrow that is need to stop that creature that attacked us that previous night.

Other traveler have arrived from the Kingdom of Evendar? Wanting to control these lands, but we refuse to all them to take it from we, we fight them off, (just what we need, another battle at this time when a fierce creature is on the move again) Though for now it seems as though they’re gone. But wait what’s that Azreal approaching.


The battle last some time, but again my brother Balatro seems to be healed and freed from the earth herself? What is this magic or being protecting him? Though now is not the time to ask questions we must fight. Azreal drops, now it up to me… I move in with my bow ready, and load the Magic Arrow… the shot is fired! A bright light explodes and then all goes dark?....

The next thing I can remember is waking in the circle, thanks to the Chicata Birds. I have been brought back. I venture out to find my Brothers and the others… It is then I learn that I was killed during by the backlash from the Magic Arrow, Vaylen tied to Grant me Life but it had no effect.

Now with that creature out of the way we must gather more information on those Obelisks. We approach, what appears to be the main one, and begin several attempts to learn it secrets. But seems like no luck. We venture to our elemental obelisk, in hopes to find an answer, or learn more about these artifacts, but again we learn nothing?

To those who ventured with us, The Amasai’s would like to thank you for your help! I have tried to account for as much as I could and hope these notes be for some assistance to you. Please add to them and correct any details as you see fit!

I would also like to ask if anyone knows of the what, who, or how my brother Balatro was protected by the lands. If you have any information on this strange magic please assist me in learning more about it…

We hope to see everyone again and wish you safe travel back to Naringal in the near future!

Micah Amasai
Order of Amasai

Lord ~Micah ~ Amasai~
Elven Master of Earth Magic
Grand-Master Earth Formalist

Naringal Guildmaster
Apprentice to Lord E'nick of Avalon's Crown
Eldest of the Amasai
Knight of Naringal

Before you assume, learn the facts. Before you judge, understand why.

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