Pouches and shirts

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Pouches and shirts

Post  Zara on Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:13 pm

Hey, Everybody!
I'm sorry that Zara won't be able to come to the upcoming event! I'll miss you guys!! But, I'm thinking about sending some merchandise (pouches and shirts) with David and Jun to the event on the 29th. The pouches would be $5.00 and the shirts would be $20.00. I also have a couple of lined wool capes available (1 black w/pewter gray lining & 1 dark burgundy w/pewter gray lining), but they are somewhat pricey (given the fabric) -- $125.00. I can also make tabbards (lined/reversible) on request -- you pick the color -- $25.00. Let me know soon if anyone is interested. Have fun storming the castle!!!!


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