Seeking Passage?

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Seeking Passage?

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:51 pm

To all,

I will be offering free passage on my caravel to the land of Naringal. We have left out this evening heading north to take aboard those that seek to help us in Naringal. If you wish to join us, please look for the Gilded Chest my caravel.

To those that don't know our struggles, we still hold tight to the rebuilt ruins close to the new docks of Amrun Taurey and the elven tower. Since, our last influx of adventurers we have maintained total control of the Heren Duin River. The ruins between the docks and the elven gate are fought over daily. The forces that control the gate seem to be composed of giants, lizard men, ogres, bog trolls, worgs, and goblins. The last assault from these creatures came in a small war band of Fomorians. Their attack lasted for sometime, as they advanced and retreated as if testing our defenses. We feel this war band was gather information for the creatures that control this force from the elven gate.

Three months ago we also, came under attack by a wraith. This creature has since attacked our enemies as well. It has taken control of the created undead they used against us and also created more of its kind. I fear that if this creature continues to gather undead it will be more of a threat to our outpost.

We haven't seen much of the other factions with the exception of raids.

Also, we are still looking for anyone that has information on the elven gate, its sister in Willowdark, or the broken seal. If you have information about these subject please post or write to me by letter (

This territory a side from its troubles is a land of great fortune, for those that are willing to work for it. I hope that this call for adventurers, will bring those that seek the opportunity that this land holds for them.


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