Multiple Characters Rules

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Multiple Characters Rules

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:45 pm

To all,

I know we have a few new players here and this post is to advise people on the rules concerning Multiple characters. This statement below is from the 8th Edition Rulebook page 97. I do know that this rule has been breeched and I will be in contact with the player that has done this to get this resolved

Multiple Characters

You cannot play more than one character on a weekend (unless your character
dies permanently and you start a new one!). It would be too confusing to other
players otherwise. Is this really your character in another guise, they will ask, or
is it actually a new character as you say? If you do create a second character,
please have that character be as different from your original character as possible:
your new character should have a different adventuring party, different costumes,
and hopefully be of a different race and class as well. Multiple characters belonging to the
same player may never directly interact in any way!

Just like the sentince I underlined you CANNOT in ANY way interact your characters together. This means you can't promote, talk to, trade coin, equipment, anything (PERIOD).

Now I suggest that if you do make another character you might want that character to be like oh that guy (Primary's name) I heard it was a idiot or I hate dark elves etc...

I hope this helps and thank you for your time.


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