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Post  Admin on Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:12 am

To all,

I know we have some new users here so I will go over the board rules again. If your character is in a different land or in a different in-game location please post that your message was delivered and posted.

Also, if you can not read of write please post that your messages where written by a paided scribe.

If you decide to move your character from one place to another please let me know as it takes time to go from one board to another. Also, if you are just coming into the lands of Naringal Docktown and Osterdorf are the only starting locations you can advice to other locations as stated above.

Thank you for your time


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Good to know now...

Post  Siskananamuk on Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:52 pm

I really wish that this was on the top of the message board. Since I came into all the conversations so late, I didn't notice it. I would appreciate a more noticeable In Game Board Rules thing. Pretty please. I feel like I've been giving the others the wrong impression about Siskananamuk.

Just to inform, Sissie is nowhere near Haven but is traveling as quickly as she can(at a curious Romani wanderlust sort of speed). For now she is getting updates from passers-by and small village Tavern/Inn-keepers because she is interested in helping with the development of Narnigal(especially Haven). If anyone would like to tell her something please send it directly to her via courier or pigeon or whatever your means of private messaging would be. From now on Sissie will send messages via courier service, or whatever.

So sorry for the confusion,

P.S. I realized after thinking about this a little bit that this should have been common knowledge to any veteran RPGer but I wasn't thinking.

P.P.S I also realized that the post script is obsolete now that we have the backspace and cursor options since we don't use ink or typewriters anymore. And, paper isn't used or wasted on mistakes. But it's more fun this way. Razz

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