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Seeking Information

Post  Vaylen on Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:18 am

Greetings to the inhabitants of Naringal.

This missive is to be sent with the intent of acquiring information regarding any noteworthy encounters surrounding the following subject matter. In a previous incident at the Wayside Lodge in the land of Willowdark a group of adventurers (myself included) came across what appeared to be a mystic gateway. Though I have never encountered such monoliths before, we were informed by a more seasoned individual that gates as such were seen previously around the lands of Naringal.

The point of particular interest to me was the fact that the gate was used by what I can only surmise to be Trolls that are native to the Naringal region. To my knowledge, trolls, goblins, and the like have never been highly adept in the skills of reading, let alone the exquisite arts of magic.
It troubles me that these monstrous races may have obtained access to mystic relics and the understandings of magic. I write this in hopes of obtaining any information from those of you who may have encountered or observed any odd behavior from sed creatures that may indicate their understanding of magic.

Any theories or information would be much appreciated as I am scheduling an expedition to the lands of Naringal in a little over a fortnight to observe the native creatures and the mystic ruins.


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Vaylen Locklain

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:02 pm


Since we have been in these lands many questions like yours has been unanswered so far. I do know that many of the humanoid races can cast magic from both schools. Some prefer one over the other, but for the most part many humanoids can pick up the ability to read.

In these lands we have encountered River Trolls that are barbaric but have shamans that are very powerful. Just to note before I continue these creatures have left us alone, after Lord Tel'Daarn's negations with them. We have also encountered a troll working for ettercaps, which knew how to use gases.

Now about the goblins we have seen some that work with the ettercaps. These goblins are unlike the goblins of other lands they have been know to use traps, poisons, and gases. There are other goblins that seem to be working with the forces coming from the gate. We have yet to figure out what each one of these forces want, it is for sure they both want us removed from these lands.

The only answer I can give you with what little knowledge I have found from fragments of books, parchments, etc... These creatures and possibly others destroyed the kingdoms that once covered Naringal. I can only surmise that since this happen a long time ago, these native humanoids learned about the magic’s of this land over time.

Valyen, since you are interested in the magics of these lands I have a offer to make you. If you could send me a letter to the Guilded Chest ( I will discuss this offer in private.


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