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To all,

I don't know if many people have read our rules on the website, and this rule I'm going to go over is the most important one at my chapter. The NO B.S. rule, this rule was adopted in our chapter to cut out all of the crap that can go on in a LARP. We go over this rule at the begining of every event, so to remind people we don't put up with it at all. So, if you have a problem with someon out of game it stays out of game, you don't have to play with them. But these doesn't give you reason to take away their enjoyment of NERO.
If their character does do something to you in-game this is fine example:

I hate Adam and Adam hates me, we don't play along together so there is no problems, but since I was caught by someone else killing another player. I have been brought to him to recieve judgement ingame for the crime I did, lets say he is a noble or magistrate. Now if my character survives the resurrection that is placed on him as punishment. Then I can freely obliterate his Dwarf, for taking action against my character.

This rule also extends to calls in the field, we will not put up with crying over a call. If we come to find out later after the game we are wrong we will fix it. But trust me I'm a by the book kind of person and this is a rarity. Plus, just like McDonalds, they don't get upset if you go to Wendy's, really they don't care. We take the same stance if you want to cry about every call you might want to play some where else. We will be just fine and trust me recuiting solves all problems we will always find someone that wants to play our game and learn how to play NERO the right way.

Also, concerning PVP if you are going after some one its always best to have a marshall around. This doesn't mean you have to go get us or take us out of the field of play for it. But its best to just do things in front of a marshall if you get a chance. The only reason we will be need to be gotten is for an obliterate formal so we can marshall it for the hour long casting. Now, if PVP does issue DO NOT DO NOT use any Transforms, LCO items, Non standard effects or Local Playtests against a player because we will adjudicate it always and give a free death. If it is in the 8th edition rule book use it, if not I would just pack it away to be used against NPCs. This why NPCs are here to give you a good time and to entertain everyone.

If anyone has any question about the NO B.S. rule they may contact me at anytime This post does not protain to any person or issue, its just something I would like stated on the board for all those that come to play to understand and see.

As always we thank you for your time and we appreicate your business.


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