Important Information about the December 3-5 Event.

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Important Information about the December 3-5 Event.

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:05 am

To all,

Just a reminder about a few other points I needed to post about as many people are new to the game..

First, yes our chapter is a memorization chapter, what does this mean? Well if you have a first level spell slot you need to choose what spell you will memorize. Which means everyone will need a battle board to write down what spells they have in memory. This makes deciding what spells you want to take part of your tactics for the day. Now if you are a earth caster you will have reverse able spells which means if you know a life spell you can always reverse it to be a death spell. If you need to know what spells are reverse able please check your rulebook or ask a marshall at the event. We will be very glad to help.

On a side note there is ways in-game to learn cast on the fly, but like all things at NERO SWV. This can be found out via role-play in-game.


Let me make this clear about armor if you don't have enough armor to prop the tag you have you can't use that tag. If you have a tag less then what you can prop this is fine. Now each person's suit of armor will need to be check in so we can give you the point value of your suit. This goes for new players and old players alike.


All weapons will also need to be checked in at this time as well. This way we can avoid having weapons in play that maybe questionable.


All Magical items tags will need to be checked in as well.

Now all these things I have stated above is number ONE for your safety and fun. I also wish to teach everyone the correct way to play the game. I believe that if you do things the right way and teach how to do them. It makes things better for all and adds to the excitement. If anyone has any questions they can always send me a email at


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Post  Garruk Halfblood on Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:00 am

I have all my tags armor two handed sword and the others but i changed my guy around im a style master and never got a tag for my one handed edge and shield will i be able to get those at the event or do i need to buy them in game

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