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Recent Adventure!

Post  Micha_Amasai on Sun Jun 28, 2009 6:54 pm

Greeting to all,

I would like to tell of the tale of our most recent adventure to the land of Willowdark, around the wayside lodge!

While on board the ship to Willowdark we meet many other adventures, Vaylen, and fellow caster, and his brother; I also meet a Gorbay, and accompanying her was and Fighter named Will. We also meet several others.

Once docked we headed up hill towards the Wayside Lodge, but before we even reached the lodge we encountered some creatures. But thanks to the fighting skill of my brother and the others assistance we where able to defeat these creatures and no one was harmed. So continued up to the lodge where we meet a Noble, an Arch Mage, who told us a little more about what had been going on Willowdark; however while talking with the Arch Mage the lodge was ambushed by more Pig-faced humanoids. But again Quick to arms we all where able to defeat them.

So we re-focused on our quest of finding the gate. Where talked with a few locals at the lodge, and where lead down a old abandoned path into the woods, but was ambushed. While we tried to fight them off, the terrain and monster where too much for just me and my brothers. Luckily the arch mage arrived to heal some of the wounded, and we retreated back up the hill side to safety.

We headed back to the Lodge to seek more information about the possible location of this gate. We meet with a merchant to purchase some much needed supplies and replenish our potion stock. But while dealing with the merchant I heard through a Whispering Wind, that what we seek, we must head east? So my brothers and I gathered the others and ventured East.... and sure enough we found the GATE!

The gate seemed to be active, so my youngest brother, Zane, and another adventurer agreed to pass though the gate, however, nothing happened. But while trying to figure out how the gate worked and the magic behind it, creatures began to emerge from it. Green skilled, and even a Troll passed through the gate... many of our fellow adventures fought well, but where shortly cut down... Thankfully we had many healers near by and potions on hand. We lead the troll out of the woods and fought him long and hard, finally bringing him to his death. With the help of the arch mage, we burned the troll to keep him from regenerating!

After the attack in the woods and the fight against the troll, we need to find out what was causing the gate to be active, so we headed to the lodge. While there we learned there was cave of undead creatures not far from us... and Vaylen Lochlain and his brother, who are seeking revenge upon the undead, and looking for answers to what happened to their town, family and friends, we took arms and ventured into the caves.

Sure enough the cave was full of undead and the fight was on. Our fellow travelers was able to recover an ear ring that belonged to there mother. We left the cave only to encounter spiders all around. Again we took to arms and fought long and hard. Some of our fellow adventures where captured and bound in trees, so not only where we fighting the spiders, but trying to save our fellow adventurers. We where able to fend them off and headed back to the lodge to talk with a ranger and purchase more supplies...

However while talking with the ranger for supplies, my brothers, stirred up some trouble with the arch mage, and with the mounting stress of all that had be going on and the approaching wereboars a fight broke out between us. And with the Amasai's you mess with one you take on the family.... so where where at arms. While we where fighting, I was able to reason with the Nobleman, He accepted my families apologies and we prepared for the approaching wereboars!

While battling the wereboars, I and the Gorbay was bitten... but thankfully to the Arch Mage he was able to stop our transformation for 24hours, and then later studied on a cure for us using Artifacts.

While our adventure was long and hard, we was able to return home unharmed, and with the knowledge of the existing gate (that seemed to serve as an exit gate) even though it's true function is still unknown! So until next time...I will be studying and training with my brothers for our next adventure!


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