News from Haven

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News from Haven

Post  Terik on Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:07 pm

I have received word from one of my most trusted scouts about the conditions of Haven. For those of you who are new to the lands, Haven is a small town built out of the side of the Mountain near the Vintergaas Moors. Due to the siege, all the buildings we constructed outside the mountain were destroyed. This includes the alchemy workshop and Arvil's "Drunken Dragon" tavern. As a side note, Arvil is more than a bit miffed at this. Do not provoke him.

The good news is that many have survived and continue to fight. Master Kelvaren request that Master E'nick and Lord Tel D'aarn bring the full forces of Avalon to the fight.

It is rumored through the Militia that the covey has left only one Hag in command. Sources say this seems to be a lesser Hag, but still dangerous. The others have returned to whatever fresh Hell they spawned from. Before they left, the covey has apparently captured a number of Hoblings and turned them into twisted, evil, versions called Spriggans.

For those interested, I will be gathering further information and will develop a plan of action soon. I do not want to divulge too much on the public message post. The Militia would appreciate any information any of you may have that could help us lift the siege. Please send me a message by one of the uniformed Mililitia (PM).

Good luck to all at the tournaments. May the Silver Lion watch over you,

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