Naringal Militia

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Naringal Militia

Post  Terik on Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:38 pm

Good folk of the Stoneforge Clan,

You've seen what these forces can do if they are unchecked. Look how mighty Haven is! Sturdy, solid, unshakable like the Dwarves who bent the mountain to their will. Yet it is in danger. The reason? Forces are allowed to use other areas of Haven as a staging area and a source of limitless supplies.

We must not merely defend. Let us take the fight to these foes. Let us take the fight to their homes. Let us put their wretched homes under siege and under the torch! Let us clear this land, rebuild Amrun Taury, and make Naringal a home for all Dwarves throughout the lands. The Clan is first, I well know and understand. But how better to help the Clans than to carve out a legacy of prowess with making and wielding your weapons and armor.

Let peaceful creatures come from all over to wonder at the Stoneforge masterworks. Only then, when Naringal is free of these nuisances, will the Stoneforge Clan be recognized the land over for their fight and forge.

Join the Naringal Militia. Ten sturdy Dwarves will do more to clear this land than we have before.


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Re: Naringal Militia

Post  Arvil Boulderbreaker on Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:33 am

Seargent Locklain,

I have fought along side you as a mercenary, fellow adventurer, land owner and friend. You know that I have me axe ready for any battle, but for this battle me axe will be extra sharp and ready to swing. These foul beasts have attacked not only me claims, but a DWARVIAN settlement!!! I will not stand for this, especially since I be cut off from me tavern. No Dwarf can stand by as others are treated this way. We should have several Dwaves, ready to repel the invaders, from within Haven as I only left 5 barrels of ale at the tavern. those shouls last a week, unless Vincent is still in town. If so the ale might last 2 days max. I have journeyed from me claims to study more smithing with Master Stoneforge. I am getting a lot of instruction in armor and weapon production. I will do me best to produce as many weapons as I can for not only Clan Stoneforge but ye order of the Silver Lions.

Speaking of ye order. What does it take to join the Silver Lions and what benefits are there. I already agrees to fight this nemesis and clean Naringal of all evil. What benefit is it for us free adventures to join ye and take orders when we can currently fight just as well and do so on our own terms? I mean no offense by me question, I am just curious as what the benefits are to joining. And trust me me axe will be shedding a LOT of BLOOD when we repel this gaggle from Haven.

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